Pulve Affiliate Program 
Pulve Pays 10% Recurring Commissions On Every Future Order From A Referred Customer... Increasing Your Passive Income With Every New Referral
Earning Passive Income as a Blogger or Influencer. One out of three Pulve orders is a returning customer, this means that some customers spend up till $2000 a year at Pulve! Which means that we pay about $200 EVERY YEAR to the affiliates responsible for that customer, year after year.. And that's just 1 customer. Many send in hundreds of customers, so do the math ;).

What is Pulve? Pulve is a mealreplacement shake that's meant to replace those quick (unhealthy) meals with a healthy, vegan meal that helps you feel satisfied for hours to go.. But many find it so convenient that they eat it once or twice a day. Often as breakfast and/or lunch. This results in weight loss, overall higher energy levels and a better health

Affiliate Commission Example: We have a 4% conversion rate. So if an affiliate is sending us 500 visitors a month we convert 20 of those to paying customers. Average cart value is $89,19 of which we pay 10% commission to our affilates. Which results in $178,38 commission a month, BUT 1 out of 3 customers reorders every month, which steadily increases your monthly commissions by an extra $59,4 EACH MONTH. So in this example after 6 months you'll receive $535,14 a month.
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